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Description. Your Docker Cluster is a complete open source solution for running Docker applications in multiple data centers. The same VM gets replicated at multiple sites for fault tolerance, data security, and to provide consistent access to all applications. With containers, each application runs as a separate, independent container, in a safe and secure environment. Your applications and resources can scale seamlessly as required, while the virtualization controller handles the allocation, management and scaling of resources, automatically and transparently. You can dynamically move any application to any server to meet load-balancing demands or dynamic resource scaling requirements. By utilizing the distributed storage capabilities of the cluster, you can reduce container storage costs, and even create private and public storage in the same cluster, for centralized management.
Use you own snapshots to save previous states of your containers.Manage the resources of each container as a VM.Create and share private and public Docker Storage Volumes.Leverage the resources of the cluster for high-performance workloads.Integrate Docker Compose with vSphere. Move containers from one container host to another, easily.Control every aspect of your Docker Clusters resources remotely and easily.Now you can easily and efficiently run Docker in any scale.
::: INTRO:::Want to. Explore Sandstorm. Sandstorm is an open-source hosting platform for applications that want to deliver great experiences in the cloud. With Sandstorm.
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