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Stylists do much more than put outfits together SBOBET ONLINE. While clothing is the medium, storytelling is the end result. Thinking back to the ’90s, trailblazing stylists like Melanie Ward, Venetia Scott, and Edward Enninful brought a fresh sense of realism to fashion editorials. All three grew up in London, and captured the mood of the city’s eclectic street style, lending a decidedly raw edge and vibrant personality to the polished minimalism that ruled the runways of the time. They also put forward new designers and models in the process. Now Vogue’s European editorial director, Enninful often styled his i-D covers with grungy thrift store finds, and on talents such as the British-born rapper Monie Love and Nigerian model Oluchi Onweagba. He made a point of collaborating with Black creatives, in a moment when they were systematically ignored by the industry.

Thirty years on, and it seems a seismic shift of similar proportions is underway in fashion. Following a global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests of last summer, many in the industry are hungry for change. In New York, the cataclysmic events Agen Slot Online of the last 18 months have most certainly renewed the spirit of community. Among the new wave of creatives on scene, one crew of young stylist friends in particular is bringing a fresh perspective to the art of image-making. Meet Marion B. Kelly II, Milton D. Dixon III, Rasaan Wyzard, and Edward Bowleg III.